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Is there a way to associate a donation with a team after it's been made?


I accidentally donated to the larger Extra Life initiative, thinking I was on my team's page, but I was hoping to have this donation goal toward my team's page. I'm happy, of course, the money will go to some good, but it would be nice to give my team a little bit of a boost in the process. I've attached the receipt if that helps. The team I want to associate it with is Clockfriends.


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3 hours ago, allthewayj said:

I don't believe their is a way to associate this to your team. @herobyclicking can give more insight!



Hey @Illuminerdy


@allthewayj is correct! We cannot donate to a team, but to an individual on a team. If you would send an email to support@extra-life.org, they can move it to someone on that team. Be sure to include who you want to have the donation credited to. When you donate to the individual on a team it to their collective team goal, so that should work out!

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