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Planet ComicCon Kansas City Volunteer Schedule

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Hello everyone, the moment you have all been waiting for,the PCKC Volunteer Schedule. I apologize for the delay, but we had a few technical difficulties, and I wanted to give you all time to ensure you had a chance to see what Panels you wanted to see. 


DO NOT FORGET: Mandatory volunteer training will be held on Thursday the 27th at 7PM to 9PM(ish) for Extra Life Staff at the Convention Center, please contact Sean or Lora if you cannot make this. This training will show you where to check in and where our booth is. This is a PCKC requirement, not Extra Life. 


Also, if you are not signed up to work for a day, you will not be getting a wristband for PCKC that day. 


We have also been asked to help out with head counts in the game room every other hour. Every Odd hour(11AM, 1PM, 3PM, etc) someone will just need to swing by the game room to do a count of how many people are playing games. This is to collect information for future Planet Entertainment Zone events, and to know peak hours. I will have a sheet at the booth to help track this. We will show you where the game room is during orientation. 



*PCKC is busy, parking is going to be difficult and unless you are showing up at 9:00AM you may be parking a few blocks away. Please factor parking, check in and walking time into your commute. 

*If you need to change your schedule, please contact Sean Albillar via Email, Facebook or respond to this post as soon as possible.

*Badges/Wristbands are only issued for days you volunteer and will need to be picked up from the Volunteer check in every day. 

*We require that all staff at the booth have Extra Life shirts on, or a well done cosplay to bring attention to the booth. However, I ask that you bring your Extra Life shirt regardless. 

*Food vouchers will be available and distributed by Sean Albillar

*No small prizes for the BINGO Cards turned in, only the Raffle Prizes, which are a month to loot Crate, a $25 gift card to SoPro and a few other things.





Caleb Adegoke 3PM TO 7PM NOON TO 3:30PM 9AM TO 1PM
Sean Albillar 11AM TO 3PM 9AM TO 1PM 9AM TO 1PM
Laura Andrews   3:30PM TO 7PM 1PM TO 5PM
Mike Andrews   3:30PM TO 7M 1PM TO 5PM
Billy Bledsoe   3PM TO 6PM  
Jessie Bledsoe   3PM TO 6PM  
Brie Clemens 11AM TO 3PM 9AM TO 1PM 9AM TO 1PM
Brigid Derby 3PM TO 7PM 9AM TO 1PM 9AM TO 1PM
Ashley Finch   3:30PM TO 7PM 1PM TO 5PM
David Finch   3:30PM TO 7PM 1PM TO 5PM
Lori Glaspie 3PM TO 7PM NOON TO 3:30PM 9AM TO 1PM
Rashida Merritt-Davis   canceled  
Joseph Quijano 11AM TO 3PM 9AM TO 1PM  
JT Galloway 3PM TO 7PM NOON TO 3:30PM 11AM TO 3PM
Spades Lunn NOON TO 4PM NOON TO 3:30PM canceled



Thank you in advance for all your help!

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