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DJThunderstix    172

Welcome to the Birmingham Guild! We're excited to launch your guild in April and cannot wait to meet you all and work with you as we grow the Extra Life program and help the kids we serve! Introduce yourself and let's all get to know each other!

My name is Liz Aponte and I work on the Extra Life team. Myself, and along with our Tori's Angels Guild moderators, are available to help with any Guild related questions you have. I hope to see you in April for the Guild Launch!

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Th3Cap3    14

Woot! First dibs on intro :-P


First off, would like to say it was a pleasure meeting you all who attended the launch meeting this evening, I look forward to working and playing alongside you all!


I am Andrew Danen, A.K.A Th3Cap3 (The Cape), you can just call me Cape if you want. I am a PC gamer and play mostly survival type games (Subnautica, Ark, Empyrion, etc...). I just recently started streaming so I am really excited about game day this year (hint, I'm going to stream it :-P).


For Extra Life, this will be my 3rd year actually participating, looking to start working on raising mula for the kids here shortly instead of waiting till we are closer to game day.


I look forward to meeting everyone!


Gamer Info:

Steam: Th3Cap3

Origin: Th3Cap3

Battlenet: Th3Cap3#1648

Twitch: Th3Cap3

Twitter: @Th3Cap3

YouTube: Th3Cap3

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Paladin045    3

I'm Tim Fisher, aka Paladin045 (usually shortened to Paladin). I do mostly PC gaming (Overwatch, Mass Effect: Andromeda, etc.), but I've recently started branching into Destiny on XBox, and I'm looking for groups on both platforms if anyone needs another warm body on their team.


This will be my fifth year doing Extra Life, and my second as a member of Gentleman's Gank, a 5-man Twitch channel that I'm bringing along for the ride (24 hours is a lot easier with multiple people). I/we are definitely open to collaborations and guest appearances if anyone wants to do a joint stream, either on game day or some other time.


Steam: Paladin045

Origin: Paladin045

Twitch: GentlemansGank

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dilelefant    16



I'm Dylan Funk (dilelefant on everything. also I am dilelefant#1338 for anyone wanting to play heroes of the storm. I play too much). In terms of gaming I do a bit of everything. I have an xbox, ps4, switch but I also play PC. On top of that I also play board games.This is my seventh year doing extra life and I am so excited. I live in auburn (so kind of far away). I am also a member of the official extra life stream team so starting next week I play on the extralife4kids twitch channel tuesdays from 7-9pm ET. 


Xbox: dilelefant

twitch: dilelefant

ps4: dilelefant

steam: dilelefant

battlenet: dilelefant#1338


PS @DJThunderstix I dont have the picture sorry!

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brochachofy    4



I'm Kalyn Davis, or better known as brochachofy online, and I am really excited to be a part of this guild! It was a pleasure meeting you all yesterday and I can tell that we can make a big impact in the Alabama area. 


I primarily play PC games (Rocket League, Overwatch, and various others) as well as a whole lot of Halo 5 on the Xbox One and weekly Pathfinder shenanigans. By day I develop websites for a marketing firm and by night I'm a caped crus..... Nah, I just play games when I have the free-time.


Again, I'm really excited to embark on this alongside you all!


Here is the link for the group picture:

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Nemean    3



I'm Ian McPherson, aka Nemean. I am a Blizzard fan boy so feel free to add me on Bnet (Nemean#1748). I play a bit of everything that blizzard offers plus some random steam games. I mostly play on PC, though I do have a rarely used Xbox. 


This is my first year with Extra-Life. I have known about the organization for a few years now, and since I work for Children's of Alabama I figured I should get actively involved. 


I'm looking forward working/gaming with everyone and help to grow this guild!

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