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Meeting Notes February 2017

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Extra Life Kansas City Guild

Meeting Notes

February 8th 2017 at Microsoft Store

Current standings: 49 Sign ups and $617 raised.




Game Day is November 4th this year, and we have a goal of 800 sign ups(with a hope to hit 1,000) and plan on raising $70,000 dollars this year. This is based on previous growth and an average of previously raised funds. A spreadsheet was available at the meeting with our numbers for the last few years, for example last year we had 703 sign ups with $49K raised.

The Guild Itself focuses on Recruitment and retention, but can be a good resource to find out ways others have raised funds over the years.  

Since we have a lot of events coming up, we have a few basic rules for Conventions just to cover with people, these are not all the rules, but good starting points. A more detailed explanation of Con Etiquette will be covered later:



1) Show up for your shift, if you cannot make it, make contact with the Organizer at least the day before your shift. Contact Info will be provided at the booth and may be provided during the next meeting as we finalize schedules.

2) Read over forms submitted to ensure that they are legible and filled out completely. Illegible forms cannot be submitted, all info is needed to put them into the system.

3) To sign up for Planet ComicCon, you MUST have attended at least one previous convention to ensure you have been trained.






Extra Life Organizer: Jesse Bledsoe

Location and times: Overland Park Convention Center / March 10th, 11th, 12th [we will be there SAT and SUN only]

Events: Penny War, Raffle for a ticket to Planet ComicCon, Training

Notes: First Con the year, will be used to help train new members. Typically we are set up in the Game room.







Extra Life Organizer: David Finch

Location and times: UCM Elliott Student Union (Warrensburg, MO) / March 25th, 26th

Events: Penny War, Training on EASY MODE

Notes: Small Convention out of town, a van may be rented if a large amount of Volunteers are willing to go. On University grounds. Good for getting familiar Extra Life Elevator Speeches and procedures in low pressure enviornment







Extra Life Organizer: David Finch

Kansas City Convention Center April 28th, 29th, 30th

Events: Bingo Cards, Penny wars,

Notes: Required 6 work hours a day which may be split up as needed. May be requested to work in the Game Room as needed. Booth will be staffed by 3-4 members at all times. Badges are only issued for days you volunteer. Requires at least one previous event before sign up. Will need volunteers to help set up on Thursday Night before con.





Next meeting:


March 8th at TBD, event will be posted on Facebook in a reasonably timely manner





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