Welcome to the Kansas City Extra Life Guild!!

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So you've joined Extra Life.  You've set up a fundraising page, you've begun asking for donations, and you're starting to figure out what to play on November 7 for Game Day...but you want to do a bit more.  Or, you have some questions and want to talk to local Extra Lifers.  Well, you're in the right place! Welcome to the page for the Kansas City Extra Life Guild, which recruits and raises funds for KU Med Pediatrics!


What does the Kansas City Extra Life Guild do?

All Extra Life Guilds focus on recruiting more Extra Life participants to play for their local CMN hospitals and raise funds!  The Kansas City Guild focuses on doing this for KU Med Pediatrics. In simple terms...we are trying to spread the word about Extra Life to as many as possible!

The Kansas City Extra Life Guild meets once a month at a variety of locations across Kansas City, where we learn about different kids we are helping at KU Med Pediatrics, talk about fundraising ideas, chat about game day, and discuss how to recruit even more local gamers to play for KU Med Pediatrics!  Every month in addition to meetings, we volunteer at different local events to recruit more gamers.  Such events are conventions, game nights at local stores, game releases, and more!  We are also reaching out to colleges and universities in the area to help recruit! 


Who runs the Kansas City Guild?

President: @FinchKC

VP: @allthewayj

Secretary: @Alibi


Can anyone join the Guild? 

Absolutely! As long as you are willing to contribute thoughts and are eager to recruit more're welcome!


Interested in the Guild?

Come to our next meeting and hang out! The more the merrier...and if you enjoy what you've heard, chatted about, and you're interested in volunteering more...stick around! Visit the community calendar HERE to find out when our next monthly meeting will be and where.


Looking for a team to join? Join our Guild team HERE!


Want to know more or have any questions? 

Comment on this post or send myself or anyone in leadership...I'd love to answer any questions you have!



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allthewayj    80

Updates to the above: 


2017-2019 Leadership:

@FinchKC President

@allthewayj Vice President

@Alibi Secretary


Direct link to Guild Calendar: HERE! Please make to click the follow button to be updated to changes!


Looking for a team to join? Join the Guild team HERE!

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