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Nude Pants

Proposal for name change

Should we change to Forum name?  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we change to Forum name?

    • Keep the name as is
    • Change to Minneapolis/St. Paul
    • Change to Twin Cities

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Since it is clearly a misleading title for our group, I propose we ask the forum admins to change our name to Minneapolis/St. Paul or Twin Cities from Minneapolis/Twin Cities.

My reasons

1. Is there not a St. Paul campus for Gillettes?

2. Only naming 1 of the Cities is like only referring to 1 of your children when speaking to others. ("Please meet my childern, Junior and others." Not cool)

3. I'm from St. Paul and it is the better of the 2 anyway so IMO the wrong city is listed to begin with

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Even though the poll is closed, I have to agree. Gillette is based in St. Paul, (at least their primary location) so it would make sense to name the city. Since "Twin Cities" isn't descriptive enough for most people who don't live here, Minneapolis/St. Paul seems like the most logical way to reference the area the Guild supports.

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