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  3. Streaming on PS4 (I Need Help)

    I actually can share a little advice here, I think. I don't have a PS4 but I do stream games I play on my Wii U. I few years back I bought a Hauppauge HD-PRVR2. The Wii U plugs into it via HDMI and then there is HDMI out to your TV. Then you plug it into a USB port on your computer and run the Hauppauge Capture software. Then you can do a window capture and crop to only the game content. There are lots of YouTube videos that describe how to do just this. So this is a way to stream from your console to your PC where you can do a lot more customization for your stream (adding overlays, webcam, the Extra Life Helper, etc) in OBS. Here's a screenshot of my desktop so you can see how it works for me at a glance. I don't know what the PS4 can do for streaming but I hope this helps.
  4. Hello! Soo I'm just starting up here on Extra Life, really looking forward to doing some 24 hour streams every weekend leading up to Game Day. The main problem I'm having right now is trying to figure out how to get overlays, banners and buttons on my stream. I found a couple work arounds like using OSB / restream and some other things that allow me to push my stream through another sitee / program and add add-ins through that. Only problem is I have no idea where to even begin I'm very new to streaming and Extra Life but I'm trying to do my best to help out Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! (Also, I'm looking for a digital artist to hopefully help me with a team logo/icon thingy)
  5. Hey Birdperson (awesome handle, BTW): First, congrats on getting started with Extra Life for the first time! This thread is mainly focused on the Extra Life Helper which is a donation alert and time tracking tool used by folks who stream on their PC or Mac. I'd suggest starting a brand new thread in this discussion area asking about tips for streaming from your PS4. People will see your question more easily and you'll get more help. Good luck!
  6. Hello so...I'm very new to streaming, Extra Life and all this stuff. I really need some help getting started. I see I need some type of tools to get started...also I stream on playstation 4...not sure if I can even do this. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Day 2 at #DHDEN17 is off and popping. If you’re at #Dreamhack college me by the @ExtraLife4Kids booth. #FTK

  8. Con Streaming Internet Limitations

    Hey Everyone! Our local Pathfinder Lodge is attempting to stream a table all weekend at a local convention. We have a solid number of volunteers and plenty of participants to keep this stream entertaining all weekend. Unfortunately the best upload speed available at the Venue is 1mbps. I know most 4g connections are faster than this, but we can't seem to find anyone with a truly unlimited connection that will not be throttled very quickly. I've tried scouring the web for free/budget resources available to charitable events that could support the volume of streaming, but have come up short. Does anyone know if any potential ISP solutions or possible streaming optimizations that might make this possible?
  9. Thread necromancy!! This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all the work you've put into it! I started out by finding your video tutorial from a long past version of this, via a website, and now I found you here! This is a fantastic piece of software and makes it supremely easy to use it in OBS! You'll definitely be getting a shoutout during my upcoming stream!
  10. Thanks to my top #socialfave​s @painrobin @YvetteM00788949 #STLove v/

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  13. First, thanks for responding! I did not know there was a universal timing rule for polling data, so I will adjust my code accordingly. Second, this doesn't really answer the question. From my own extensive time-consuming research that was totally not just googling it, the simplest way to avoid browser caching is to modify the URL in a trivial way, i.e. add a timestamp parameter. I tried this with my XHR, but it didn't make a difference, so it seems like there is server-side caching that distinguishes between XHR and UI access, somehow. Per the first point above, it doesn't seem like this would be too much of an issue if the cache expired every 30-60 seconds, but when it takes 5 minutes to get the data, it seems like it's not working optimally. Thanks again! This tool is proving very useful to me.
  14. Hey all! My name is Colleen and am the new contact for Extra Life at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. First off, I just want to thank each and everyone of you for all that you do for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Extra Life!! I hope everyone is registered and ready to game #forthekids. If you haven't registered, sign up now! A few updates: This year the ESA Foundation is running a Challenge for our Extra Lifers. Prize #1: top Overall Fundraising – $30,000 ESA Foundation is awarding a $30,000 prize to the hospital whose gamers raise the most money overall by 9:00am Central Time on Sunday, November 5th. Prize #2: top Fundraising Per Capita – $30,000 The hospital with the highest per capita amount at 9:00 am Central Time on Sunday, November 5th will win. You can check out how we are doing at Children's by looking at the attachments. Currently - Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is 12th in country for fundraising! Keep up the great work team!! You can also check out for there new leader boards! Last year we fund-raised a total of around $112,000 and this year we want to surpass that! To give you an update on the guild, the guild leadership and president are going to meet within the next month and focus our energy towards building up our 2018 guild - so stay tuned!!! Please share if you have any public Extra Life events happening this year below! I am sure there are still a few Extra Life Gamers out there trying to find a spot to game on November 4th! Also, to bring Josh's post back from a while back...share the reason why you game - I'd love to hear! Thank you! Colleen Myers I Special Events Coordinator Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation M.S. 3050, P.O. Box 1997, Milwaukee, WI 53201 P: 414.266.6322 I F: 414.266.6139 ExtraLifeTopFundraisingHospitals.xlsx ExtraLifeTopPerCapitaHospitals.xlsx
  15. Cool. This is the line in js/helper.js that you want to change if you haven't found it already: var LOGO_PLAY_MARK = 60; // Number of times the action item ticks before showing logos The action timer ticks once a minute so changing that to 15 should do the trick.
  16. ah.. that's why. My math was off, i thought it was set to every 60 secs which I originally thought would be too fast of a rotation. Alright, thanks. I'll make the change to about every 15 mins. Thank you.
  17. Gotcha. The screenshots demonstrate each possible screen that the Helper shows but they're not all displayed in sequential order. The clock/raised screen is the main screen (showing days until, hours until, or hours played) and is refreshed continually. The donation screen only shows when a new donation arrives. The logos screen is shown occasionally (every 60 minutes) but you're more than welcome to change that value if you'd like the logos to appear more often.
  18. Right, i understand that. I was under the impression that the info in that rectangle would rotate out, between how many days left, to the extra life logo and CMN logo, I thought they would rotate like a slide show.
  19. Hey Sumsum! Yes, the days will change based on the start time. For example, given the following values set: startDate = "11-04-2017"; startTime = "10:00:00"; If your local date/time is 10-20-2017 09:59:59, the days left will be 15. If your local date/time is 10-20-2017 10:00:00, the days left will be 14.
  20. Couple Quick Questions

    Nope! If you're the team Captain, you can go to the Team Page and click the pencil icon next to the team name to edit it. Welcome aboard!
  21. Do you have the normal donation alerts enabled? In Stream Labs, Extra Life falls under that category. You don't have to have payment information in for "regular" donations but you do need to have those alerts enabled and set up for the Extra Life ones to come through. If you are still having trouble, check about using They connect to Extra Life as well and have a separate alert system for Extra Life. I always seem to have trouble with Stream labs as well, so I've gone back to streampro. Do note, that if streampro isn't working either, they don't have support for the Extra Life alerts anymore. So, they work but if something breaks, they don't have connection to fix it.
  22. DonorDrive AMA w/ the Extra Life Community

    @Zosoled the latency you're seeing is a function of the cache mechanisms in place. Depending on current request volume, it may take a couple minutes for the totalRaisedAmount you're accessing via XHR to reflect the amount you see in your browser. We are always working on ways to improve the experience and responsiveness of DonorDrive. We value your feedback, and will do our best to make sure your game day experience is top-notch. A friendly reminder that responsible JSON consumers poll a given endpoint once-a-minute at most. Thanks! P.S. Double-thanks for answering @heartandthesynapse's question!
  23. Extra Life Donation Rewards Swapmeet

    I also have my xsplit key to give away if anyone would like it!
  24. There appears to be a delay between the JSON data that is viewable by directly going to the participant page versus pulling it programmatically. My own rudimentary testing shows a delay of anywhere from 1 - 4 minutes. Why is this delay occuring? Specifically, here are the reproduction steps (assuming you start with no recent donation activity): Navigate to participant JSON page in a browser tab and view "totalRaisedAmount". Pull JSON with an XMLHttpRequest and view "totalRaisedAmount". It should be the same as above. Enter (or delete) an offline donation. Go to participant JSON page in browser, and "totalRaisedAmount" is immediately updated with new amount. Pull JSON with a new XMLHttpRequest, and "totalRaisedAmount" is NOT updated. Continue polling with XHR for several minutes until it finally updates. fyi, teamID is indeed returned in the participant JSON. See attached image for my personal data as an example (my teamID is null, but I would assume it would have a value if you're on a team).
  25. Is this Guild still active?

    Yo dude, admittedly we don't use the message boards nearly as often as we should, but a lot of folks do post pretty frequently on the FB group. If you aren't in the guild group but would like an invite I'd be happy to hook you up, feel free to PM me.
  26. I just raised $15.00 for local @CMNHospitals thru #EXTRALIFE. Donate today & help me reach my goal:

  27. I set this up on my OBS and sat there and watched it for a bit, doesn't seem to change from how many days left. Thought it would rotate, or does that only happen once you've past the "start time"?
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