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  2. If I missed something obvious, plz send me the link. Everything on the Extra Life page says tax receipts are sent for donations over $250. I'm running a game day where the public is invited for $5/person. If someone pays cash and I fill out the form (or enter the donation in the online form), will they get an IRS receipt? I got an emailed receipt for a $20 online donation last year. I wish this was written out a lot clearer. What is the best practice so the donor gets their tax credit? Even for smaller cash donations thanks!
  3. We're having an organization meeting on Thursday. You are invited to join us! Our Cook's rep Erin and our champion Alex will be there. Barcadia Fort Worth 816 Matisse Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76107 Thursday, September 21, 2017 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM* (Program is from 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM)
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  5. Girl Geek Con 2017

    Cool, well I'll be around can catch me on twitter @elleon_sound if anyone wants to meet up
  6. Girl Geek Con 2017

    We will not have an official Extra Life booth at GGC this year, however I'm sure that some of our guild members will probably be attending the con.
  7. September Meeting

    Come one, Come all. The next Extra-Life Albany Guild meeting will be 9/26/17 @630pm at the Albany Medical Center Center building located at 628 Madison Ave, Albany, NY. Hope to see you all there. This will also being held on Discord channel as well. Discord Link ->
  8. September Meeting

    Come one, Come all. The next Extra-Life Albany Guild meeting will be 9/26/17 @630pm at the Albany Medical Center Center building located at 628 Madison Ave, Albany, NY. Hope to see you all there. Discord Link Also for those who don't have discord installed, you can either download it or you can load a web based version of it on the Discord website
  9. Good afternoon, everyone! We are looking for some very eager individuals to help us out with our next recruitment event at the DBAP Gaming Challenge! You can sign up below: You can find out more information about the event by going here:
  10. The lies continue in part 6 of #Portal2 when it is revealed to us that something else was just a fabrication.

  11. Extra Life News:Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend 2017

    Hey @Jamisonm! Are you all (Chits/Bits) planning anything for this weekend? We'd love to hear about it.
  12. Detroit MeetUps is partnering with the Extra Life Detroit Guild & Stomping Grounds Game Shop on Sunday September 24th for the third annual Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend, at 3pm to 8pm. Come play games for a good cause! There will be pizza, pop, and prizes! All ages are welcome at this event. RSVP on our website ( for a head count for food. Stomping Grounds has a library of games they will be providing but feel free to bring your own favorite games from home.
  13. Girl Geek Con 2017

    GGC is coming up September 30-oct 1st. I saw some postings about 2016, but didn't see anything about the current year. Anyone else going? I'll be there both days attending.
  14. Boston Festival of Indie Games

    Of course. Which shift would you like?
  15. Wachusett KidsFest

    So, this is a different type of event for us, which is exciting! New faces and a different crowd and it is all about the kids!! This is the 27th Kidsfest event at Wachusett Mountain and it brings in a A LOT of people, over the weekend. This is a two day event, Saturday and Sunday, both days 10am-5pm. They gave us two vendor passes and two admissions tickets.
  16. I would like to propose the idea of Stretch Goals. Perhaps this is not the best term, but it doesn't matter what it's called. Problem: An Extra Life participant has reached his or her fundraising goal. This reduces incentive for others to donate. The goal has been met, there's nothing left to do. Current Solution: Raise the Goal. Why this isn't satisfactory: There's a celebratory aspect to reaching a goal - both for the participant and the donors. Something great about reaching it and about finishing having reached it. Raising the goal removes this by literally moving the goalposts. Proposed solution: Stretch Goals (or whatever name makes sense). The participant can activate a second stretch goal to reach (and/or a third, fourth, fifth, etc) after reaching the first. This maintains the celebration of the first goal reached while saying, "Hey guys, we did that! Can we do one better?:" And allow for a second celebration if the second goal is reached while still preserving the celebration of the first one. BONUS: It also makes it easy for the participant to link actions with stretch goals: I'll shave my head, dye my hair, grow a mustache, whatever.... if we reach this stretch goal.
  17. Game day in a month. Update: I surpassed my goal! And raised more than ever! >$500. Things I did: 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 donated. Pitched to my kid's teacher and teacher's aide Pitched to the parents' mailing list Won't have the same opportunity for the last 2 next year because my oldest went from a very small private school to a very large public school. We never see the teacher (in the previous school I saw the teacher every day when I picked up my daughter). There also isn't a parents' mailing list. So I'll have to get more creative in 2018. But for now I will celebrate raising more for the kids than ever.
  18. @Vazio82 Thanks man! I appreciate it!

  19. Different night but same old game. Come say hi to us while we play some #ElderScrollsOnline #restream

  20. I started the game OXENFREE

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  22. Official Hi/Hello/Welcome thread!

    Hey, it's 2017! I'm Michelle aka Elleon_Sound. This is my 4th year participating in Extra Life. 2nd year pledging to raise funds for Seattle Children's Hospital. I'm on team Release the Quackin' and we'll be streaming our 24 hour gaming marathon on Nov 4th.
  23. Review: Lock's Quest

    That last wave of Clockwork horrors has left me exhausted with my defeat looming imminent. The enemy infiltrated my barriers, and have begun their final push toward their objective. The stronghold will be destroyed within seconds once they break through, but I’ve got the next round planned. I’ve assessed my strategy and know how to hold the oncoming Clockwork army back until I can regroup. This round my plan will surely... wait, no! How did they get through there that fast? Wait! Lock’s Quest immerses players in tower defense gameplay with RPG elements sprinkled in. The game first hit the scene in 2008 when THQ released it on the Nintendo DS. At release, it enjoyed a bit of a cult status with mixed reviews from critics. On May 30, 2017, the remaster released on consoles with updated music, controls, and graphics, as well as the addition of extra content. The new graphics slap a new coat of paint on Lock's Quest that looks like an isometric mash-up of Pokémon and Stardew Valley. While music and UI got the remaster treatment, combat saw expansion. A new progression system, strategy elements, map, endless mode and other features were added to appeal to old fans of the series as well as "sophisticated gamers" according to the new features listed on the game's website. This beefing up affects build and combat gameplay (more on those modes later). The progression system now aligns with the plot, unlocking relevant goodies for build-mode. And the remaster also boasts speedier build/combat cycles so players can assess their strategy if necessary to tackle the next wave more effectively. While I did get frustrated when I failed a stage, I did appreciate the ability to reset and tackle the challenge with new knowledge. However, I did occasionally have issues with crashing when attempting to do so. Speaking of building and combat, 5th Cell structured gameplay around tower defense into two distinct modes: Build Mode and Battle Mode. Players have a time limit on their barricade planning in Build Mode. This barricade protects an objective and must withstand a barrage of enemies within the combat time limit. The tools and resources at your disposal correspond to progress as the enemies get more diverse and stronger. Structure options include walls, turrets, land mines, soldiers, and more. The currency you'll use to construct your barricade comes from defeating enemies and adds a depth to the difficulty. If you're not doing well in your planning it will carry over to the next level. During the battle phase you have control of Lock, and depending on your progress, he has different abilities. At the very beginning of the game though he has a vital skill called ratcheting where he repairs the damage done to structures. His other abilities range from attacks and energy drains to more advanced repair and money drops. The enemy, the Clockwork focus on attacking your infrastructure during this stage. Guiding Lock will help you save your defenses for future rounds and help earn some currency. The foundation for the civilization of the Kingdom where Lock's Quest takes place surrounds the discovery of an element called Source, aka that currency we were talking about earlier. Source doesn't really have an explanation, but people who have been dubbed Archineers found a way to manipulate it. The magical stuff powers defense items, like what Lock builds and uses. Conflict came when one Archineer found that Source could replicate life and utilized this ability. The king banished this Archineer. This Archineer then became Lord Agony and created the Clockwork, "living" machines, in retaliation. Lord Agony disappeared seemingly defeated, but the details of the battle remain unclear to the world's inhabitants. This all happened before the events of the game. One thing is clear, however, the Clockwork have returned. Players participate in the current, battle-ridden world as the titular Lock, a young hero with an unclear past but a determination to pave his future. Lock lives with his sister Emi and grandfather Tobias. One day while making repairs to structures on the shore Lock and Emi come across a wounded Archineer who fled from a battle against the Clockwork. The wounded Archineer enlists Lock to help fend off an upcoming attack. In the chaos of the attack, Emi is lost, the town falls under the attack and Lock gets determined to defeat the Clockwork. What I could really get behind in terms of the story was the fact that it explained the gameplay. Lock's Quest's use of story makes it unique. Rather than arbitrarily running alongside the gameplay, the story seeks to explain the presence of the RTS gameplay. Lock has Archineer abilities and can manipulate source making him able to build turrets. This makes sense with this context. Rather than expecting players to just accept the mechanics of the game, the devs did a good job of weaving it into the story. Not a small feat for a tower defense. While Lock's Quest's strength shines in its storytelling, its weaknesses lie in combat. Isometric view is standard in games like this, but I found myself fighting with it during the battle sequences. Moving Lock around was painful. The slow movement became especially noticeable while fighting under the constraints of a time limit on a battlefield swarmed with enemies. I also had some issues with crashing and having to restart. I wasn't a happy gamer when I discovered that the cutscenes were unskippable. Conclusion: While frustrating at times, Lock's Quest provides engaging mechanics that makes you want to progress. I found it a little addicting to see how the enemy would interact with my builds, and the degree to which they would be successful. And like a good little gamer I was driven by the need to unlock new gear to fortify. Crashes and trouble finding Lock during a stressful attack sequence definitely detracted from my initial experiences, but overall this title had me pushing my left brain during combat and engaged my right with the world it managed to create. Lock's Quest was reviewed on Xbox One and is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo DS.
  24. TwitchCon

    TwitchCon 2017 is coming to Long Beach Oct. 20-22. The Orange County Guild along with the Los Angeles Guild has been asked to help staff the booth. Each volunteer will get a tshirt and a badge for TwitchCon. Please complete the Google Form linked below to sign up. Volunteers will be notified of their scheduled shifts at the end of Sept. Let me know if you have any questions. Volunteer Form:
  25. Great, thank you @LeaveIt2Beaver!
  26. August and September RVA Guild meetings

    Just a bump. September meeting is this Sunday. Hope to see everyone there!
  27. Extra Life is coming up, and its that time of year where we raise money for Childrens Miracle Network. I am challenging everyone to help me reach my goal this year, if I make goal this year I will dye my hair blue. Bright blue, as I will dye my hair blonde first and then blue, so yikes if you want to see that donate, cause it goes for the kids. I do not benefit from this at all.


    Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program within the gaming community. Participants fundraise year-round and pledge to game for 24 hours with one goal: to save and improve the lives of sick and injured kids


    Trion's Extra Life day is October 13th and National Day is First Saturday in November.

    I will do both days, but the blue hair dye is only for October 13th stream. (another challenge posted for November)


  28. Denver Extra Life Discord

    Here you go
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