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Oculus Unveils $199 Go Headset, Rift Gets Another Price Drop

Marcus Stewart

Oculus Go.jpg


The sky-high price tag for VR has been one of the primary barriers keeping a majority of gamers away from the technology. At Oculus' Connect 4 event earlier today, Facebook announced plans to remedy that situation by dropping the price of its original headset as well as introducing a significantly cheaper model.


In with the new first. Oculus Go is a standalone, "all-in-one" headset retailing for $199. Similar Samsung Gear VR, no PC (or phone) is required; just strap it on and play using the Wii nunchuck-esque single palm controller. Oculus Go arrives in early 2018. 


As of today, you can purchase the standard Oculus Rift model for $399.That package includes two touch controllers, two sensors, and seven free games. That's one whole Benjamin down from the $500 price that went into effect earlier this year, which in itself was a cut from $600 launch tag. 


If you've been eyeing VR but haven't taken the plunge yet, are these announcements enough to entice you? Does VR interest you at all?   

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