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Mass Effect Andromeda And More Heading To EA And Origin Access

Marcus Stewart



EA has once again opened up the Vaults of EA and Origin Access, subscription services that gives members access to "free" games from the publisher's portfolio, among other perks. Headlining the pack of newcomers is Mass Effect Andromeda, which launched earlier this year to a polarizing reception. Members will also be able to play EA's biggest holiday titles ahead of launch, including Star Wars Battlefront II. 


Beginning this month until December, the following titles will be added to the Vault.  


Mass Effect Andromeda

Dead Space 3

The Sims 4 (Play First Trial)

Star Wars Battlefront II (Play First Trial)

Need For Speed Payback (Play First Trial)


If you're an EA Access member, what do you think of the new additions? For non-members, is this line-up enough to convince you to give the service a shot. 

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