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Free Watch Dogs 2 Update Adds Paintball and Multiplayer Races

Jack Gardner



In a free update released today, Ubisoft introduced a new PvP options to their open world hacking game. Additions include a new 2v2 game mode called Showd0wn, online races, loot trucks, a paintball gun, and assorted clothes.


Showd0wn mode offers three types of objectives to two teams of two: Steal the HDD, Doom-load (King of the Hill Style), and Erase/Protect the Servers. These objectives play out occur across fifteen distinct locations in-game. The patch release describes Showd0wn as an endgame activity that can be tackled solo through matchmaking or cooperatively with a friend. Additionally, Online drone, motocross and eKart races are launching today. Each race type will come with their own leaderboards.


Loot trucks can be found following the patch on the streets of Watch Dogs 2. Players will be able to hack these trucks to get at their valuable cargo, but doing so will summon a swarm of armed police. A paintball gun has been added to provide some levity to the game's arsenal. The paint pellets can stun enemies and also accumulate on the screen of human adversaries in PvP. Finally, thirteen new clothing items.


Some tweaks have been made to leaderboards and explosions (the closer you are to an explosion, the more damage you take).


The patch should be live sometime today. 

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