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To Do What I Love and Help Children in Need


Article written by Jamie Studzinski, a fifth-year participant who plays for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

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About eight years ago, while working at Wal-Mart, I had a chance to visit Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona as part of a fundraising campaign for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I saw how comfortable the children were there, as much as being at home. We were showed how the fundraising donations were used and how it helped the children and families.


At that point, I was wondering what more I could do. And then I thought back to my brother, Jeremy, who had cancer at an early stage. He was admitted to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin where he received treatment and was cured of his cancer. All this happened before I was born. And it's thanks to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin that I am able to say that he is still around today.


When I heard about Extra Life, it seemed like a no brainer to me. Gaming was a huge part of my life, and my brothers when we were growing up; from video games to board games to card games, we played it all. To do what I love to do and help children and families in need, just seemed like a win-win situation to me.


I am part of an Extra Life team. Our team name is Phoenix Down, because we are giving kids a second chance. We are changing lives. And I think that name speaks a ton to what we are doing. Last year we raised over $5K for Children's Hospital and I couldn't be more proud of the team and commitment they made! 


I've been doing Extra Life for five years now, and I occasionally stream for the Extra Life stream team. Its been the best experience that I can say I ever had in my life. Thank you everyone who does extra life and makes a difference!"


Right now my favorite game to play is Overwatch, I have spent countless hours in the game and it really is the back bone of my charity streams.


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