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Honoring Christien Quiles



On October 4th 2016, we lost a special member of our Extra Life community, Christien Quiles. Christien is a perfect example of what a beautiful difference one person can make in the lives of others.


Christien made it his mission to improve the lives of patients at McLane Children’s Hospital. As a teen patient battling osteosarcoma, Christien felt everything was centered around his illness, and he recognized the need for teen patients to enjoy regular social experiences while in the hospital. He took the initiative to meet other teens in the hospital and form a group.  


It started with creating friendships, monthly meetings and discussion of how they could make their hospital even better. Through Christien’s dedication to giving all teens in the hospital a voice, his social circle grew to becoming an official Teen Advisory Board that Christien co-chaired. With the help of the hospital staff, and many generous donors, Christien and the Teen Advisory Board were able to see the opening of a Teen Lounge, a place for teens to hangout, socialize and play games while at the hospital.


Christien became involved with Extra Life early this year. He was thrilled to learn that every dollar raised would stay local to impact kids at McLane Children’s Hospital. He and the Teen Advisory Board formed an Extra Life team, McLane Children’s Champions.


Team McLane Children’s Champions set their goal at $18,800, which was specifically to purchase two needed pieces of hospital equipment, of which many members of the team had personally benefited from. Christien raised over $5,000 of that himself. After reaching their original group goal, they raised the goal to $25,000.00 which was also exceeded. Christien was excited to learn about the new winged avatars for Extra Lifers. He was anxious to receive his wings for his 1 year Extra Life anniversary, but knowing the seriousness of his condition, he instead focused his efforts on helping those around him. 



Christien is the first Extra Lifer to have legacy wings designed in his honor. His wings were created using two of his paintings that he created.  One painting was his interpretation of outer space and the other was an abstract interpretation of his experience and his emotions as he was battling Ostesarcoma.  Christien has impacted and improved the lives of numerous teens, individuals and Extra Lifers through his selfless service of others. As we celebrate this year’s game day and continue to raise funds and awareness for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, please join us in honoring Christien by approaching this cause with the same passion and selflessness that he did.








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