Jack Gardner

The second official day of E3 has come and gone (after a few unofficial days, that is)! We've been doing daily recaps of the action leading up to the show and we'll be doing the same for the show itself, so tune in to the Facebook Live broadcast or catch it later via other channels. You'll get a great rundown of what it is like to cover E3 along with the news of the day as told by the talented bunch of people we've collected to cover the year's biggest gaming trade show. 
Day five didn't have the major announcements, but instead we buckled down and saw the games. Super secret projects, major names, and indie games galore were found in droves at the show! Jack Gardner, Marcus Stewart, Naomi Lugo, and Aiden Strawhun cover the basic, need-to-know announcements from the day.
Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show with us!

Naomi N. Lugo

Holiday 2017 will see the release of Rocket League to the Switch. The announcement came as part of the Nintendo E3 Spotlight.
Cross network support will allow gamers to play opponents on other consoles. Local wireless multiplayer will also be supported. The Switch release will also have all the previously released features and modes.
There of course will be Nintendo themed customization items like Mario and Luigi hats and exclusive cars. 
Will you be playing Rocket League on the Switch?
Marcus Stewart

Zipping around Green Hill Zone as the Sega’s flagship hedgehog on my Genesis ranks among my fondest gaming memories. As the quintessential Genesis kid, I bought into Sega’s marketing of Sonic as the embodiment of everything radical about the 90’s as I tried (and failed) to adopt that signature ‘tude into my own life. Thankfully, his games backed that up that advertising hype with well-designed platforming fueled by the hedgehog’s impressive sense of speed.

As Sonic sped into the 3D era, his quality and appeal began a steady decline. The 3D-style gameplay introduced in Sonic Adventure never grabbed me the way the side-scrollers did. The rapid introduction of insipid side characters and increasingly convoluted plotlines made me pine for the days when Sonic was just a cool dude protecting his forest from a maniacal scientist. I, like many like-minded Sonic fans, were mystified as to why Sega couldn’t just stick to the winning formula that put Sonic on the map in the first place.

But then Sega finally listened. Last summer, the publisher announced Sonic Mania, a game that can be aptly described as “that exact thing you old fogeys used to like but a bit better”. The retro-style throwback is an amalgamation of the best parts of Sonic’s Genesis heyday, and a well-crafted one at that. I got my hands on Sonic Mania during E3, playing through Act 1 of the reimagined Green Hill Zone. Sonic Mania scratched all the right itches: tight, identical controls and physics of the original (something Sonic 4 lacked), a hum-worthy soundtrack of remade tunes, and a nostalgic presentation. It really does play like the titles I obsessed over as a kid. But as I landed the final blow on Robotnik’s Death Egg robot at the demo’s conclusion, I couldn’t shake the sense that these memories felt too familiar. Probably because they more or less are those memories, just remixed with better music. 

I appreciate Sega greenlighting such a fan-focused passion project, but I can only imagine how much more excited I would be if they pitched the same concept but with entirely fresh content. New stages, never-before-seen enemies, additional power-ups, an original story – all wrapped up in a classic 16-bit package. As much as I enjoy Chemical Plant Zone, I’ve spun up and down its pipes enough to last a lifetime. Take that classic gameplay and apply it to something new, and Sega could have the comeback the hedgehog desperately needs. 

That’s not to say Sonic Mania won’t be a blast on its own merits. I knew I was going to purchase it the moment it was announced, and playing it for myself solidified that decision. Thus far it’s a fun and accurate throwback to a simpler period in my life. I smiled gleefully throughout the entire demo. However, it's impossible for me to ignore the overwhelming amount of creative potential that was left on the table. I guess I’ll have to wait until the game’s launch on August 15 to see if nostalgia alone is enough to resurrect my ailing childhood hero.   
Jack Gardner

Here it is, the first official day of E3! We've been doing daily recaps of the action leading up to the show and we'll be doing the same for the show itself, so tune in to the Facebook Live broadcast or catch it later via other channels. You'll get a great rundown of what it is like to cover E3 along with the news of the day as told by the talented bunch of people we've collected to cover the year's biggest gaming trade show. 
Day four covered began with a bang from Nintendo before the true craziness of the open show floor began. Now we know that Metroid Prime 4 is in development along with a new Pokemon RPG for the Switch. Jack Gardner, Marcus Stewart, Naomi Lugo, and Aiden Strawhun cover the basic, need-to-know announcements from the day.
Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show with us!

Naomi N. Lugo

Final Fantasy XV isn't at its first year anniversary yet, and yet Square Enix has already been working to fulfill its promise to continue expanding on the lore of the game. Creating a media-rich universe for its latest major Final Fantasy title has been a strong suit for Square. It's cohesiveness, however, has been a little lacking.
E3 2017 saw the release of a few trailers within the FFXV Eos. 
First up, it was announced during the Microsoft conference that the game would get a free 4K enhancement per the Xbox One Enhance Program. Sony followed suit during its conference by announcing PS4 Pro updates. 
Sony also announced a VR component with PSVR spin-off Monster of the Deep. The game focuses on the fishing feature of the game, putting players behind the eyes (and rod) of Noctis. Monster of the Deep has the release date of September 2017.
On June 13, aka the first official day of E3, Square released additional trailers outlining old content alongside new.
The new includes a mobile game that Noctis and Co. are obsessed with called King's Knight, with its full title being King's Knight - Wrath of the Dark Dragon. The stage was pretty much set for this game to be made eventually, as it is referenced several times throughout the core gameplay of FFXV. It will be available on both Android and iOS in 2017.
The FFXV Universe E3 trailer does exactly what its name implies. During the first half (roughly), viewers get a recap of all of the expanded media released so far, from the core game to the Brotherhood anime series and Kingsglaive movie. On the other end, we get the King's Knight news, E3 info, and updates including a new Regalia model, the Regalia Type-D with the June update.
There, of course, was also some information on the upcoming Prompto DLC as well.
During the "Universe" trailer viewers get a brief glimpse (see 1:15 on that trailer) of some sort of combat system. And June 13 also saw the release of a new video for the DLC. In the trailer, Naoshi Mizuta talks about his time composing the music for the game. There isn't much in-game content released in its runtime, but new artwork for Episode Prompto does appear at the conclusion. The third episode, centering around Ignis, didn't receive any mention. 
What do you think of Square Enix's efforts to create media for the FFXV universe? What do you think of the DLC content so far?
Aiden Strawhun
If you love Dynasty Warriors, or its Legend of Zelda adaptation Hyrule Warriors, you'll love what Koei Tecmo has next. Fire Emblem Warriors lands on Nintendo Switch this fall.
Today's reveal trailer shows off a little more of the game's story line, with two new faces taking the spotlight. You'll play as two siblings in a kingdom protected by the magical powers of a sacred dragon, but one day, an evil dragon comes along. To protect your people, you'll have to stand up and fight along recognizable faces such as Marth, Corrin and more from the Fire Emblem universe with all the chaotic hack-and-slash gameplay Dynasty Warriors promises. 
Joseph Knoop

Tunic has been around for a while, under one name or another (most notably "Secret Legend"), but its incredibly beautiful visual style will stick in everyone's mind. The isometric, Zelda-like adventure game features astonishingly smooth cel-shaded graphics that lend a dreamy atmosphere to some satisfying hack-and-slashing and grass cutting.
The combat looks similar to Hyper Light Drifter: fast-paced with lock-on sword swinging, and tough enemies that can rough you up if you're not careful. No release date has been announced as of yet.
What do you folks make of the graphical style? Think this will be a more inviting experience for people missing old school Zelda?
Aiden Strawhun

Nintendo has detailed the first two of three DLC bundles planned for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The first, The Master Trials, releases June 30 and the second, Champions Ballad, will launch this holiday.
The Master Trials includes the Trial of the Sword chapter, Hero's Path mode, Master mode and new armor inspired by past titles and Breath of the Wild characters.

Champion's Ballad will follow Princess Zelda's side of the story and how her champions came together. In addition, four amiibo, Mipha the Zora, Revali the Rito, Daruk the Goron and Urbosa the Gerudo will be available to use in this DLC. These four new figures currently do not have a release date.
Both of these DLC packs will be available only through the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass for $19.99.
Joseph Knoop

Kirby, everyone’s favorite pink ball of power, is comin’ right back at ya on the Nintendo Switch, according to a new teaser trailer from the latest Nintendo Direct.
The latest Kirby game looks to be a mix-up of traditional 2D/3D platforming, complete with Kirby’s usual powers of mass consumption and conversion. The big twist this time around looks to be a multiplayer component of some sort, with Kirby chucking hearts at enemies that then become allies of his. The character bars at the bottom of the screen read “CP” for “computer,” indicating that these characters will be able to be controlled by actual players during the game.

Characters can combine abilities too, like striking Kirby’s sword form with a fire attack, turning Kirby’s weapon into a blazing tool of destruction. All four players can combine to create a rolling wheel that flattens enemies underneath.
A brief clip in the trailer also showed off what looks like a Super Mario-style overworld, with Kirby moving from level to level along a path. And of course, what would a Kirby game be without an appearance from your boy Whispy Woods.
Kirby for the Nintendo Switch (no official title yet, it seems) is slated for a 2018 release. What crazy powers do you think HAL Laboratories has whipped up this time?
Aiden Strawhun

New Donk City is calling your name; book your trip in Super Mario Odyssey on Oct. 27, 2017.
In a new trailer released in today's Nintendo Spotlight, Mario's latest adventure is led by his hat. You'll have to collect Moons to power up your spaceship, the Odyssey, and rescue Princess Peach from her untimely wedding to Bowser. With some handy hat flinging, you'll take over enemies and items around the world to solve new puzzles and make unlikely friends with a dinosaur?
Check out the E3 trailer below:
What other weird worlds do you think Mario and his cap will find themselves in?
Naomi N. Lugo

During the Nintendo E3 Conference, Pokémon President Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that developer Game Freak is working on a "core RPG" Pokémon title for the Switch. There was no release window as Ishihara admitted that he didn't know how long the game would take. 
News of a new game might be in response to fan's reactions to the June 6 Nintendo Direct that revolved around Pokémon but did not announce a new title.
The announcement came alongside an update on the previously announced Pokkén Tournament DX, a remastered Wii U game coming to the Switch. Its release date is set for September 22. 
Pokkén Tournament DX will have some new content in the form of Pokémon and it will utilize the Switch's controllers for two player combat. The game will be on display at E3, and will be played competitively on June 14 during the Pokken Invitational . 
Joseph Knoop

Metroid fans have been clamoring the Metroid Prime universe for years, ever since the days of the Wii, and especially since the series went into weird waters with a competitive multiplayer sports game for the 3DS. Now fans will only have to wait a little longer with the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch, teased in a brief video during E3’s Nintendo Direct.

Nothing else is known about the latest Metroid, but we’re sure Nintendo will have plenty up their sleeves in future announcements. To tide players over, Nintendo announced a separate Metroid game titled Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS that releases on September 15 this year.